Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I haven't blogged in quite a while so here is some interesting stuff, only if you are following the story of Fritz and Heinz.

These are pictures from the photo album.

Heinz's bike is so new, Christmas 1957, that boosters haven't been put on the pedals yet. He needed boosters because even with the seat all the way down, he couldn't reach the pedals. He could start by himself but not stop, so he would call out "Catch me the next time around!" and Gramps ( we called him Dad then) would snag him before he fell.

This one is 1982, in Crested Butte Colorado during FAT TIRE BIKE WEEK . The bike Fritz is behind is CRO-MO and it eventually became Old Grey. At 8,700 ft after a week of acclamation Fritz is still huffing just to climb stairs to get to a second story bar. Notice Main street is not paved that happened some time later.
During that same trip to Colorado some days later Heinz and Fritz take a break at the top of East Maroon Pass, the storm had blown through only minutes before. Note the Space-blanket Poncho, a real lifesaver. What you don't see are the plastic bags over our socks to keep the water out when doing water crossings.

In this adventure (I think it was on Oat Hill Road) we got a little muddy, but the trail wasn't dusty like in the summer time. After the run we would ride into town to the spa, hose off and spend some time in the hot pools.

On this camping trip Oat Hill in the summer Gramps came with us, at the time he was over seventy. It was a great ride, our sister and her kids came along. When we got up in the morning we could look out over the cloud layer in the valley and see the tips of the golden gate bridge sticking out of the cover nearly sixty miles away.

Fritz and CRO-MO on Mt. Saint Helena in the summer time. This is after the other pics of CRO-MO because you can see where center pull brake mounts have been welded to the forks.
More on sidecar bikes later.