Monday, November 30, 2020


           As of now I have about 500 miles on the SideCarGoBike, less than 5 of those miles is without the sidecar.  It is a controllable vehicle with a smooth ride and is very adaptable. Future evolution is going to happen.

       The combined weight of the cargo bike and the sidecar is close to 160 lbs. with each close to 60 lbs. It takes about 2 min. to remove the Sidecar and about 7 min. to reattach it.

      I am extremely comfortable riding this combination vehicle. I believe I had mentioned earlier how much attention had to be paid to navigate a SidecarBike through and around areas, the same amount of attention must be paid with the larger SideCarGoBike but it takes less effort to maintain control. With it being longer (the fat tire donor bike was lengthened 8 in.) it places the pilot in a more centered position with respect to the front and back wheel. And with the larger wheels the gyroscopic action of the front wheel adds to it's increased stability. 

    The ride comfort is amazing due in part to the oversize tires. The larger diameter allows it to roll over bumps more easily and the larger width allows for less air pressure thus creating a softer ride. With a passenger chair installed there is still plenty of room for a pick-nick lunch, cooler, extra chair, cold/rain gear, souvenirs and pretty much anything you would want on a day ride. 

   Utility is optimized by having a basic frame with a platform. Because the front and back are open lengths of lumber in the 10-12 ft range only require strapping on and watching out fore and aft on turns. with the platform as close to the ground as it is a load is easier to manage just because of it's center of gravity being lower. 

   In my neighborhood, I usually only have groceries and such on the SideCarGoBike but I have trucked several people around and some building supplies.  If I am going somewhere and it is less than 7 miles away and not bad weather, I would much rather take the SideCarGoBike. 


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Now we have the SideCarGoBike, a detachable sidecar for a cargo bike.

Friday, February 28, 2020

In the near future the Jeinkel-Heimers will unveil the latest in their continuing design evolution.