Tuesday, September 22, 2009



I decided that I wanted an electric scooter so I looked around and found an old push scooter that I had converted to be a dirt scooter. that was to be my base.
Next I found an electric trolling motor(just the motor) I sawed the fin off of the motor body.
I attached a rollerskate wheel to the prop shaft, used a hose clamp and a large socket to tension the skate wheel agianst the side of the rear tire .
Then I cargo strapped a 12 volt battery to the main rails.

I ran the motor wires up to the battery terminals and connected the negative and black wire together then set the red wire over the positive terminal so when you stood on the post the wire made a connection.
I'm not recomendig this (any of it) for people to do, but I could go about 10MPH for about an hour and a half, only on fairly level ground. I used it 7-10 times for trips between 5 and 8 miles before I burned the brushes (smoked the motor) tring to climb a small shallow grade. I was lucky I was only a half mile from home when it went. Still this was enough to prove to me at least that I wanted another electric scooter that was faster and less JANKIE.