Friday, November 14, 2008

Heinz Zeit introduction

You might be wondering what all this sidecar stuff is about, well we wonder that ourselves. We, Fritz an I, have now decided to make available as much information as we have discovered about sidecar bicycles having used them over the last ten years. We intend to present information on the theory,planning, fabrication and testing that it takes to produce a sidecar bike.

You might say "Why would we do this ?". Well we believe that a bicycle capable of carrying 500+lbs, two passengers or long heavy objects has a universal appeal and possibilities that we, in these times, have only begun to imagine. We will strive to answer all your questions and post them as we get organized. You will be seeing new sequences such as Tube bending, Wire form modeling, Joint mitering, Tack welding, Filing, Fitting ,Pattern making, Assembly sequence, Bike gear/brake theory, Appropriate wheel sizes it apples to bicycle sidecars.

The good news for all of you is that though my brother and I can be very "wordy"in person my typing skills are limited. So I promise to stay brief in my replies. As of now we are very satisfied with our progress. And with what we believe is a string of successes in the areas of bending, stability and comfort for both rider and passenger, we fully intend to be informative wherever possible.

Every where we go with these machines people say "I was going to make one of these for my dog! or surf board or..." Because of this, we are thinking that there are many others who have pondered these types of vehicles and might appreciate a little advise. If you're like me sometimes a single image or concept will open a whole vault of possibilities.

So lets collaborate. Now, ask away!

Thank You all. Heinz


Anonymous said...


Have you explored options of making more sturdy 'baskets' for bikes? Or something that would be mounted to the front or back of the bike as opposed to the side?

Or something that could be closed and secured (like a car's trunk) where items could be stored and kept safe from weather, etc?

I've tried a few 'basket' options for my cruiser and have found a few issues... items can easily fall through wire baskets and mounting hardware always seems to be flimsy especially when a significant amount of weight is put into it (for my purpose it was used to carry groceries). Any ideas or suggestions?

Last question...
Do you intend to create a business that will regularly sell pre-made side cars or do you intend to create a business that educates others on how to make their own?

Look forward to your responses!

Anonymous said...

I have seen you riding your bikes around town. Stopped and chatted when the time was right. I am curious whether you have the access to production equipment that would lend itself to recumbent 2 and 4 seaters similar to the 'Rhoads Cars' made in Kentucky. Seems to me there would be demand in the market for a four season electric motor assisted four wheeler. full faring made of a corrugated plastic or royalex foam core (like some canoes) over a roll type cage of aluminum tube would provide the four season comfort. USe a polycarbonate windshield/ visor for vision. Electirc assist would be important as the weight would then be a factor.

Anonymous said...

Right now we are in development of sidecar bicycles and options for them, specifically. We cannot broaden our scope without overextending ourselves. Part of our development concerns weather tightness for rider, cargo and or passengers. As for molded plastics and such I believe you are correct in assuming that weight would be an issue. The direction we are headed is "tent pole technology" with a stretched skin. We are also investigating the use of laminar flow to direct air and moisture. Even keeping the vehicle as light as possible (while maintaining reliability through strength) I am convinced that it will need several different electric power options to be viable. I am resisting use of dead dinosaur power. Since there are other people producing the type of vehicle you suggest and because it does not fulfill several basic premises of our platform bicycle or FreightCeikle our development will not include recumbent or four driver cycles. Incidentally a tandem four wheeled FreightCeikle with the two outside wheels smaller than the tandem and having linked steering is a pet project of mine that I don’t have time for yet. FRITZ

Owais said...

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