Saturday, February 21, 2009

The inner Meaning of our Head Badge

The pallet of primary colors red, white and blue are for our American heritage and the forge colors of bronze, grey and charcoal should convey the tradition of shaping of components into useful tools.
The grey outer edge of the shield is representative of our original sidecar bike (OLD GREY PROTO I). Each of the three stars white, blue and red are references to the series of prototypes (The WHITE WIZZARD PROTO II), (The BLUE FERRY PROTO III) and as yet not completed (The RED RIDER PROTO IV).
The name JEINKEL- HEIMER in bronze at the top is high, proud and tall. The iron grey torch is emanating light into the day on the right and into the night on the left. To carry the torch is to remember the history of cycle manufacturing.
The fire red wing shaped flame symbolizes motion with the torch in hand pushing back the night. The flame and hand escaping from the background is showing that they are too powerful to contain.
In fact the overall impression, like the three receding steel grey chevrons at the top, is meant to evoke the art-deco era of old.
We at JEINKEL- HEIMER will always strive to remain true to the standards of quality innovation and functional beauty that are a large part of all our heritages. “If you can imagine it you can do it!” Heinz and Fritz

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